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Why Homeopathy?

It can work for you:

Julie HenryYour diagnosis or condition can be treated using homeopathy. Because homeopathy treats the person rather than the disease, whether you have a known disease with no known cure or an undiagnosed ailment, homeopathy can work for you. Homeopathy can also work well alongside other modalities, such as conventional medicine or acupuncture.

It’s easy:

Many health practitioners may suggest changing your diet or dramatically changing your lifestyle in order to get the health benefits you are seeking. Homeopathy stimulates you to heal yourself from within. You will see changes across all areas of well-being without having to disrupt your everyday life.

It’s safe:

Homeopathy is a form of energetic medicine. Remedies do not contain harmful or toxic chemicals and will not interfere with any of your current medications. It can be used to treat virtually everyone from babies and children to expectant mothers and the elderly. You can expect your body to react to the remedy but there will be no harmful side effects. While conventional medicine often trades one set of symptoms for another, homeopathy heals on all levels fully and completely with no undesirable results.

It’s effective:

Following treatment, it’s not unusual for a patient to have difficulty remembering what it was like to suffer from his or her chief complaint. Homeopathy works on your physical, mental and emotional well-being which results in total optimal health. Whatever your symptoms, you may see a transformation in your health beyond your expectations; you will see positive changes in areas of your life that you may not initially have thought to be problematic.

Most importantly the results of homeopathy are long-lasting. Unlike some forms of medicine that require you to attend regular appointments indefinitely, once your homeopath finds the right remedy for you, your body will complete the healing process on its own. The need for follow-up visits and repeated use of remedies will be infrequent as long as your body remains in balance.