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Private Mentoring Sessions for Homeopathic Practitioners

1 hour sessions to help you with anything you are struggling with in your practice.

Typical sessions address 1 case that you are having difficulty with. You will send me the case in advance and during our session I will guide you through case analysis, repertorization and differential diagnosis. We also typically touch on potency and repetition of remedies, case management and practical tips about running your own practice.

These sessions are by appointment only – call or email me to schedule one now! 905-259-7665

The fee for each session is $70


Here’s what people are saying about my sessions:

“Julie Henry has been my homeopath, my teacher and mentor for several years. As a homeopath she is intuitive, precise and observant. Her vast knowledge and attention to detail when it comes to taking a homeopathic case and prescribing is beyond ordinary. She is excellent at following up with her patients. Julie has helped me on countless occasions to overcome many mental, emotional and physical challenges. As a teacher and a mentor, her precision and the way she analyzes and guides to reach the prescription has taught me a lot about how to prescribe based on deep understanding of the case. I highly recommend her as a homeopath and a teacher to anyone who is looking for excellence in both.” ~ Sara from Vancouver

“Working with Julie 1-1 has been wonderful and important to my development as a homeopath. Julie uses her knowledge and years of experience to gently guide you through a deeper understanding of the case at hand. Her unique insights help cut the weight of a superficial outlook on the case and allows you to hone in on the most important rubrics. She has helped me refine my case taking skills, rubric selection and remedy prescription. I have found that working with Julie has increased my over all confidence as a homeopath and that is priceless. I would recommend Julie’s mentorship to any homeopath.” ~ Matt from Toronto